The book "L for Love"

Andrée Veauvy’s or Captain Veauvy’s spouse book, who loved her Halifax ‘L’, is now brought to you.
This new 2018 version, which took a whole year of hard work, is now available in English language, also in French.

The text has been upgraded by Paul, Captain Veauvy's second son, and the Halifax technical data section highly improved.
This book is sourced with great authenticity that came from thousands of research hours spent in the historical service of the Air Army at Vincennes’ castle, Paris.

Most comments from the five ex members of the LfL crew, gathered between 1993 and 1996 at Captain Veauvy’s house, have been taken into account when writing this book. It contains many crews’ photos but also authentic bombing pictures and hand written notes from Captain Veauvy.

This book is structured with three big chapters:
1 - The crew and their adventure in reaching the U.K via North Africa
2 - The 38 missions including bombing photos and personal notes from Captain Veauvy
3.1 - The Halifax bomber technical data presentation, including comments, photos and copies of Captain Veauvy’s actual training in the R.A.F
3.2 - Other stories from the crew in Elvington
3.3 - And to remember them an exhaustive list from all French aircrew based in Elvington.

This boils down to a fantastic 365 pages portfolio in English or 375 pages in French.
It is printed on coated paper including 10 colour pages photos in the centre. These photos show the U.K. training, the missions’ maps, the medals and a few photos from Elvington museum.

Size of the book (inches) : Height = 9.45 - Width = 6.3 - Thickness = 1.2 - Weight = 24 oz.

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